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British Safety Standards Window Film.

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Safety film and safety window films comply and meet British Safety Standards BS6202. They enhance glass and protect the workplace, schools and around the home with window.

Whilst this window film can slightly improve the inherent strength of the glass to which it is applied, reducing the risk of initial breakage is it's real benefit and comes from the safety Window Film being able to hold together broken glass fragments.

Whether the glass is broken through impact, building movement, vandalism or weather conditions Safety Films provide a barrier to fragments of glass breaking free thus enhancing employee, worker and child safety.

  • Current Building regulations and Health & Safety Legislation calls for glass within certain areas (Critical Locations) to meet a minimum IMPACT safety performance standard. This standard is BS EN 12600.
  • Injury is dramatically reduced enabling a safe and quick clean up process afterwards.
  • Endorsed by Local Authorities for use by child minders in order to protect children under their care against glass related injury.
  • Ultra-Violet barriers in safety window films can filter up to 99.7% of U.V. transmission protecting goods from rapid deterioration.
  • Solar/safety window film offers all the safety and security features of our clear grade safety film and security films including Anti-Fragmentation - bomb blast film, explosion protection films.
  • DIY installation does not bring the glass to safety standards - Sureguard Installation and approved application of safety films ensure British safety standard/s BS6206 with our installers BS compliance markings.
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