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We Supply and install Bomb Blast window films.

Enquire About our bomb blast protective film and Anti-Fragmentation Film which will hold glass together and will often remain in the frame dramatically reducing injury and damage as well as minimizing clear up time.

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When windows are subjected to explosive forces the shattered glass can also be responsible for major damage to property and disruption to the efficient running of business.

With Blast Window Film from Sureguard Window Films applied to the glass, the forces required to break the glass are increased due to the additional imparted strength of the polyester protection film.

  • Bomb Blast window film and window films are applied internally to glass or glazing.
  • Bomb Blast Films are normally used in places where there is a need to reduce the effects of flying glass as a result of an explosion or inploding glazing.
  • Bomb Blast film - anti fragmentation film, Bomb blast mitigation - are other known terms.
  • Blast film comes in a range of thicknesses - 175(security level 1) to 350 micron(Bomb blast level 4). There are other thicknesses in between - please enquire as to what film will fit your requirements.
  • Bomb Blast Protective Window Film and bomb blast mitigation solutions fully comply with British Security Service recommendations as well as British, European and Ministry of Defence standards.
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