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Change Clear Glass Into Opaque one way or mirrored effect glass.

24 hour (opaque, etched, whiteout, blackout film) or one way daylight (solar film, neutral, mirror)** Privacy Film and etched window films are useful where offices are overlooked or are adjacent to pavements and passing foot traffic and ideal where expensive equipment or sensitive information is in clear view. With Sureguard Privacy film and window films all can be made more secure and out of view.

NOTE: **you can create 24hr One Way Privacy Film effect by lifting the outside night time light level up pointing the light source to the glass fitted with daylight hours window film OR by adding another reflective film which is applied internally and over the solar, neutral, or mirror film to reflect more of the indoor lighting*** prolonging the daytime one way effect.

***in daylight light transmission is reduced because of the extra layer of window film.

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The installation of privacy film and one way privacy window films quickly and easily change clear glass into tinted, opaque or mirrored solar film / privacy glass preventing unauthorized viewing of restricted information and potential thieves from viewing and establishing the presence of valuable equipment.

Sometimes referred to as obscure window film or one way film, Sureguard provide a range of Privacy films with two distinct design characteristics.

1. Total obscure Privacy film range from frosted opaque films to total blackout or whiteout films.

2. One Way or daylight hour privacy can be achieved allowing people to see out of a window while restricting vision through the glass from outside with privacy film and privacy window films. Alternatively, it may be acceptable to stop vision in both directions using opaque OR total vision block window films and vinyls. However there are/is NO film available that will produce a TRUE one way effect in both day and night that will restrict vision only one way

A number of opaque or etched window films which "frost" existing glass while still allowing light transmission are available. Good privacy films, when applied as full un-cut film application/s (no cut graphic/s), are white etch and opal frost window films. Additionally, solar film and window fims are ideal mirror, one way privacy films.

  • Opaque window film, Neutral or Mirror polyester Privacy window film is applied internally to glass and glazing.
  • Privacy Film is normally used in places where a need to obscure vision is required.
  • Premium Solar Film also acts as a good privacy film and one way vision film.
  • Privacy Film especially neutral and solar film can also reduce heat and glare.
  • Obscure vision film and window films, etch and opaque, blackout and white out films totally blocks and restricts the view if installed ad full cover; otherwise partial installation (decorative and special cut graphics) allow a certain amount of view - (please specify when enquiring).
  • Ultra-Violet barriers in solar and neutral privacy window films filter up to 99.7% of U.V. transmission protecting goods from rapid deterioration and/or fading.
  • Privacy film, block vision film, privacy window films, security privacy film, blackout film, whiteout films.
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