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Attain Solar Heat and Glare Reduction with Sureguard solar window films and solar control window tinting film.

Solar Mirror, Neutral Window products are designed to reduce heat and glare and are supplied and installed by Sureguard Window Films Ltd to commercial premises.

image, heat reflective solar window filmSureguard Solar Window Film and solar window tinting, is applied to existing glass which forms a barrier to reflect and/or absorb solar energy before it enters a building.

Now is the time to consider Solar Film to provide a more comfortable workplace environment. With Solar energy increasing temperatures in the United Kingdom are also increasing and predictions of records being broken are becomong apparent.

Solar Heat Gain and Glare Reduction of up to 90% can be achieved using Sureguard Solar film, window films, Mirror film and heat reflective window film.

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Solar window films work by reducing this effect by either reflecting and/or absorbing solar energy before it enters a building. Solar films performance dramatically reduces the rate at which a buildings temperature rises during a period of prolonged sunshine.

Solar window film, Neutral or Mirror polyester solar film and window films are applied internally to glass or glazing.

Solar Films are normally used in places where there is a need to reduce heat, glare and/or add privacy.

Premium Solar Film also acts as a good privacy film and one way vision film.

Ultra-Violet barriers in solar film and neutral window films filter up to 99.7% of U.V. transmission protecting goods from rapid deterioration.


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